Providing Resources to Profit from Earth’s Resources

e•con•o•mies – (def.) 1. careful management of available resources. 2. offering the best value for the money.

Energy is quite literally the lifeblood – not only for modern business production, but for our everyday life. And the efficient management of it, is critical to the success of economy and industry in the United States. OSHEA® GROUP is at the forefront of working with large energy developers as well as individual land owners, to efficiently negotiate mineral rights and help facilitate win/win scenarios for all parties involved.

Should I consider selling my mineral rights?
Yes – in many circumstances. Depending on the interest that you own, you should consider selling your mineral rights. When mineral rights properties are split through the estate process, the result may be that each relative owns a very small portion of the title (ie. 1/5th of the title to 100 acres with your relatives holding the other 4/5ths). Situations like this may result in lengthy and complicated transactions with each relative receiving only a small portion of any proceeds from a leasing or sale transaction. At some point, the paperwork associated with owning small mineral rights interests may outweigh the value. OSHEA® often acquires the small interests from multiple land owners and may offer you a significant premium for your interests.

If you own or know of an area rich in natural energy, and want help you get the best deal possible, contact an experienced OSHEA® representative today and see how enjoyable and profitable the experience can be.


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