SteffondPortraitThe OSHEA® GROUP, is one of the foremost promoters of sporting events in the industry. Under the BEYOND THE GAME® brand, OSHEA® provides a unique opportunity to interface with the top talent in the world of sports through the marketing and advertising of sporting events. It is their goal to work closely with clients to promote their events and/or products & services to the largest possible cross section of the sporting public. Believing there are tremendous untapped opportunities for the industry to enhance the marketing of their products and services through such sporting events, OSHEA® has been involved in many high profile sporting event promotions. Examples of such events include the Celebrity Basketball Game during the NBA All Star Weekend, various pre- and post-game events during the NFL Super Bowl, NBA Legends of Basketball meetings and many others.

OSHEA® and the BEYOND THE GAME® brand are the creation of Steffond Oshea Johnson. An accomplished basketball player, Mr. Johnson played competitively at Longview High School, and college basketball at Louisiana State University and San Diego State University. After a brief NBA career with the Los Angeles Clippers, Johnson played in the CBA for six seasons. He averaged 12 points and 5.1 rbounds per game. He also played professionally in Turkey, Cyprus, Uruguay, Italy, Venezuela, the Philippines and Puerto Rico.

Mr. Johnson transferred his athletic experience into a series of successful business endeavors such as professional sports agent, basketball instructor, sports marketer, land developer and film producer. He currently sits on the board of the Dallas Chapter of the NBA Retired Players Association.

Under the BEYOND THE GAME® brand, clients are able to achieve broad exposure to markets and athletes of a high caliber. A focused approach is employed to foster high level arrangements between a client and top talent in the sports industry in order to promote their products and services to the sporting public during such events has been very successful.

OSHEA® provides the marketing expertise to enable clients to effectively integrate their company into the desired event, promotion or athletic event. Further, OSHEA® through the BEYOND THE GAME® brand provides the expertise and vehicle to facilitate such integration in order to provide clients with a turn key solution to their needs.