SteffCurtTThe OSHEA® GROUP actually began its amazing journey by managing the careers of some of the NBA’s top porspects. 20 years and over 500 million dollars in contracts later, OSHEA® continues to build on those foundational skills and services which created the company in the first place.

Although OSHEA® manages top executives, public figures and entertainers, the primary focus remains top athletes – most notably professional basketball players. Drawing from his own personal experience in the NBA as well as professional leagues around the world, OSHEA® founder Steffond Johnson and his team is able to provide young talent the steady guidance only a veteran of the trenches can impart. Starting from the early years of high school & college success, through signing that first multi-million dollar contract, and complete to planning for a successful career after the playing days are over, OSHEA® provides all the necessary tools and services needed to guide its clients through what can be very treacherous waters.

If you or someone you care about is in need of experienced leadership and professional management with the highest standards for integrity, contact a helpful OSHEA® representative today to learn about how they can help you reach the highest heights you are capable of.

OSHEA® helps young basketball players manage the transition involved in moving from an amateur level to a professional level. • Maximize your value with NBA personnel • Arrange individual workouts with teams • Provide NBA with game footage • Provide detailed information to media outlets • Speak to NBA committee members to get you into Orlando camp • Analyze and discuss team needs with front office personnel • Evaluating rosters to determine which teams need you most