With OSHEA® GROUP heavily involved managing and working with professional athletes and high net-worth individuals, a specific and deliberate plan for investing is critical. The same blueprint used to help professional athletes manage large sums of money, has proven to be an effective long-term strategy both internally for company investments as well as those individuals and partners of the OSHEA® GROUP.

The largest amounts of income for most professional athletes comes in the form of one-time (or very limited) signing bonuses. Furthermore, a wise strategy is to assume that these athletes or large lump-sum earners, likely will never make another cent the rest of their careers – or at least not amounts like that. In view of this, money should be managed extremely conservatively due to large drawdown in the early years. It is also critical to put in place “wealth transfer” planning for family members while still preserving exemption for the future.

This basic philosophy permeates all the investment strategies employed by the OSHEA® GROUP. Whether it is incorporated with companies that OSHEA® invests in, or whether it is used when managing the funds of its clients, OSHEA® is extremely aware of the volatility of the current economic climate, and is committed to the protection of assets while seeking reasonable growth.

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